Mission Chapel Fund, assist and work with Worldwide Missions Outreach Ministries witch is a humanitarian Christian organisation who got several projects around the world like:

THE WORLDWIDE POOR CHILDRENS ASSISTANT PROJECT a Haitian orphanage that take care of 1100 Children in great needs.

WORLDWIDE FULL GOSPEL MISSIONS OF KENYA is 2 dispensaries that provide medical care to the remote population of Subuku and Molo.

WORLDWIDE REVIVE THE CHILDREN’S HOPE AFRICA is a orphanage base in the Katanga region that take Ugandan children’s of the street and save them from the danger of those environment (prostitution, h I v, drugs etc…)  by giving them a shelter, food and education so they can have a brighter future.

THE FAMILY HOME COMMUNITY PROJECT is a program that help the homeless population of doncaster to reinsert themselves back to the community by providing them with one hot meal a day 6 days a week and one to one counseling.

Mission Chapel is also funding and monitoring a Bible School in Ethiopia with a graduation ceremonies a the end of the course.


Is to simplely work with other churches, man and woman to see the body of Christ function and maximize to is full potential for God’s love to be demonstrated in kind and deed.

If you like to known more about WMOM humanitarian work click on the link below:


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